Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Flagship: Day 2 Reflection

For Day 2 of the SST-NTU Flagship Camp, as my group had already finished the construction of our water tower yesterday, we could immediately test the strength of it. Surprisingly, it managed to withstand 480N of weight despite being slightly slanted to one side. 

However, I believe that this was made possible due to the amount of reinforcement we put in the centre of our structure. Our idea was to make it as sturdy as possible in order to act as the 'spine' of the tower, similar to how the human body works.

Unfortunately, when we placed a 500N weight on our water tower, it started to shake and the weights eventually began tilting to one side. Nonetheless, I am proud of our efforts in building a somewhat successful water tower for this project.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Flagship: Day 1 Reflection

For Day 1 of the SST-NTU Flagship Camp, we were briefed on our project and the key concepts we had to understand in order to succeed. From this, each of us managed to successfully create a rough diagram of the water tower and compile all of our ideas to create a diagram which we could all agree on.

However, for the project, we were provided with limited materials so we had to be resourceful. We were also required to be very precise in our measurements so that no material would be wasted. 

Thankfully, our calculations and measurements were precise leading to a very smooth process of constructing the water tower. In a nutshell, the day was very fulfilling and rewarding, especially when we completed our structure which managed to withstand 100N, definitely surpassing our expectations. It also made us realise that a simple wooden structure can actually support heavy weights if built correctly.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Water Tower Project: Pre-Camp

Water Tower Project: Pre-Camp
What sounds interesting about this project?
- Learning how to build a prototype structure of a balsa wood model.

What do you think you can learn from this project?
- From this project, I think I can learn basic structure designing and how to create a structure which can support weight and withstand great amounts of force.

Any immediate questions regarding the project?
- Not really as the Project Manual adequately briefs us for the project.